Founder of Therapy Pad


Dr. Christina M. Charlotin

Therapy Pad was created in the summer of 2020 by Dr. Christina M. Charlotin. Dr. Charlotin is a young, black, LGBTQ+ identifying psychologist, who's second generation raised by Caribbean-immigrant parents. Dr. Charlotin was born in New York, raised in Florida, most recently Miami where she attended graduate school. In 2016, Dr. Charlotin competed her very last year of training at the San Francisco VA Hospital before moving to Los Angeles and completing her licensing requirements & becoming a fully licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California.  


In the fall of 2019, as a new psychologist, Dr. Charlotin opened up her very first private practice in Downtown Los Angeles known as Like most young psychologists starting out in private practice, Dr. Charlotin dedicated much of her initial focus around marketing and creating a public name for herself in the mental health community. When Covid struck the world, Dr. Charlotin quickly saw the immediate effects that these collective stressors were having both on the increasing emotional distress of her current clients, and, the sudden abrupt increase in new incoming clients.


Once the protests hit in May 2020, Dr. Charlotin's practice was instantly at capacity. It was at that moment that she decided that something much bigger was needed in order to  address this national mental health crisis, where as each month progresses, more people are seeking services - and access is reaching capacity. 

In June 2020, Dr. Charlotin came up with the idea to create Therapy Pad! Therapy Pad is intended to bring user friendly services, provided by fully licensed psychologist, with affordable options still available to general public.