At this moment, Therapy Pad is still under development. I'm working very hard to put together a great team of culturally & racially diverse, fully licensed clinical psychologists - of all different sexual & gender identities. My goal is to fully launch this amazing California based virtual mental health wellness practice by the beginning of 2021. 

Once Therapy Pad has fully launched, we will be providing services to clients who wish to pay unitizing their health insurance, or pay private out-of-pocket. With insurance, your sessions will likely require you to only pay a small copay, or sometimes your sessions may even be fully covered by your insurance company. All mental health providers will be fully licensed therapists.

Therapy Pad was designed for the Gen-Z and Millennial population in mind. I hope you find your experience with us to be powerfully impactful, healing, & life changing. 

Dr. Christina M. Charlotin

When can I start receiving therapy at Therapy Pad?