How do I get started 

with Therapy Pad?

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& within 12-hours you will receive a questionnaire

& within 12-hours you will receive a questionnaire


Fill out the questionnaire 

form we send you, and Email it back to us: 





In order to provide you with the best care, support, and therapeutic services - this form will help us determine if you're best matched with a general psychologist, or a specialists.


A specialist for example could be a psychologist who's specifically trained to treat individuals who have eating disorders, or, one who specifically provides exposure therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  


Once we determine the therapists who would be the best fit for the support you're seeking, we'll then send you our Therapy Preferences Form.


In some cases, we might not have a therapist available who specializes in the services you're seeking; in those cases, we'll provide you with referrals for outside services. 


Fill out the Therapist Preference Form and Email it Back to Us: 



This will allow us to know if you have any preferences around type of psychologists you'd like to connect with.


For example, you may indicate that you'd like to see a therapists who identifies as being LGBTQ+, or, you may indicate that you prefer to be assigned to a therapist who's of a specific cultural background or racial group - such as a female identifying lesbian psychologist, or Latinx English speaking psychologist. 

Identify the best payment option, and we'll provide you with a user name and password to your Therapy Pad profile page. 

What are my options?


If you have health insurance, and would like to use it to cover your Therapy Pad services, we'll get you connected with one of our licensed psychologists. If you're a good fit for and interested in additional services, we'll get you connected with a holistic lifestyle coach or a nutritionist. Sometimes, their services are also covered by insurance.


If you do not have insurance, or, prefer not to use your health insurance - we will send you a list of our psychologists who fit the needs you specified. You can make your selection based on the psychologist's private pay rate, their schedule, and other personal preferences such as demographics or therapy style.  

If the psychologist's private rate higher is than your budget, we will refer you to outside services that provide low-cost therapy services for clients who do not have health insurance. 

You choose what work best for you; we'll simply provide it!